Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Nothing like a well-child visit to make you smile :)

Today ds9 and dd6 had Well-Child checkups! We have new health insurance and I was grateful for this opportunity for the big kids to meet their new doctor! What I wasn't expecting was to spend most of the time laughing at the funny things my children said and did!

First was my son. The doctor asked his age, what grade he was going into, and did he like school. He answered those and said he was homeschooled. The teacher said "What kind of grades do you get? As? Bs? Cs? Ds?" My son, who has never been graded in his life, said "Yes, but I really have known my alphabet for quite awhile!" The doctor just looked puzzled, then she turned to me and asked me what sort of grades he gets. We had a lesson titled "What are grades" on the way home from the visit, and he indicated he would like to start those in the 5th grade! :)

One more funny from my young man... when the doctor stepped out for a few minutes, he said "I'm worried." I asked what was bothering him. "I'm afraid she's going to tell me I need Tommy John surgery." Now for those who may not be baseball fans, that is a surgery that pitchers have when their elbows go out! I laughed so hard, I nearly cried!

Now onto my Princess to make me giggle: The doctor finished with ds and turned to dd to ask similar questions. She asked if dd was going into the first grade and was she homeschooled too. Also she asked "Are you starting to learn to read some words?" Princess replied "Oh I can read whole BOOKS!" Then the doctor asked "Are you learning some simple math too? Like, what is 3 plus 5, no that's too hard, what is 2 plus 3?" She said "Those are both easy! It's 8, and 5!" The doctor was impressed! So she asked her next to raise her left hand. She obliged, but then looked at me and asked "Mom, does she know that I'm SIX??" LOL Apparently Princess was a little insulted by the ease of the questions! :)

I have to say that I'm glad the kids were so animated for their appointment and not the least bit shy! But this was certainly one heck of a way to introduce ourselves to the new pediatrician! :)