Monday, July 18, 2005

Morning Routine run-through!

Today we started the new morning "before school" routine that we'll be using when school starts in 2 weeks! I didn't wake the kids up at the time they will have to get up, but just had them go through the motions of what all needs to get done before school time!

It went very well! Everyone was a bit slow, though... but I think that will work itself out with time and getting used to the routine! Also, anyone who doesn't finish their morning routine before school time has to finish at recess! ;)

I think we're all getting very excited about the first day of school! Or maybe it's me and the kids are just catching it! :) So the plan is to keep this up all week, and then next week the kids will start getting up at the time they'll need to be up for school! Should be interesting! :)

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