Sunday, July 31, 2005

Feeling nervous!

Tomorrow we're "back to school"! We've had a 2 month break, which is the longest we've taken since starting homeschooling 3 years ago! I've been so very excited about getting started, and especially since our Calvert materials arrived! But now, I'm feeling something new... I'm feeling nervous!

What if Calvert doesn't help? What if the problem really lies with me, and even with having it all laid out for me, I just really can't handle it? What if Calvert is TOO much, and it's a struggle to get it all done with everything else going on? How will I get school done on Wednesdays when we have ST and OT for 90 minutes right in the middle of the morning? What if I fail?

OK, deep breath! ::inhale, exhale:: One day at a time! I think I'll get the house really clean today! That will help me feel more in control! :)

Church first, though! Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!

1 comment:

LisaQuing said...

You love homeschooling.
You are excited about using Calvert.
Your children will have no gaps.
Your children will do neat and tidy science projects and fun and non-messy art.
You will be the master of your domain.


And don't be telling me that the Jedi mind tricks don't work on you. :-D