Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The excitement is building!

Last night I pulled together all of the materials we will need for next week. I cut out the Reading Word Cards for both kids. I haven't decided yet if I want to put Bubba's cards on a Word Wall like I am supposed to do for Princess'. It's mostly a matter of velcro and how much of the stuff I want to end up buying! I also got the math pages for the first week taken out of the books, and the little stories from the 'Phonics/Readers Library" taken out and folded. I read everything the kids will be reading next week, and I wrote out the definitions for Bubba's study cards for science and geography. That way he can write the correct word on each definition and ease him into the amount of writing that Calvert requires.

I forgot how much I liked Calvert Math. I went away from it last year because of the cost, and the 3rd grade math looked like it would be too hard anyway. This year it's just right for him! Princess asked to look at hers and she approves!

A little bit of the guilty feelings have creeped back up into me for spending so much money, and for not pulling everything together myself! But I quickly pushed those feelings aside and know that Calvert is the best choice for us this year! I am going to start working on Peanut's schedule now that I've got the kids' materials ready. I want to get an index card file of activities for her OT so that I'm not having to think of things on the fly. Ultimately, I hope she will come to be able to tell me what she's in the mood to do. But for now, I want to introduce lots of new stuff to her so she'll have a wide range of things to choose from! Also I must get her boxes organized with the new toys I bought, and get out the HWT wood pieces and Capital Letter cards for her to start playing with!

I think we're all excited for school to begin on Monday!

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