Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Drumroll Please!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a curriculum decision!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hurricane Dennis and the 4 hour power outage he gave us last night which afforded me the time to ponder, discuss, and plan!

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for! Our curriculum for school year 2005-2006:

Calvert 1st and 3rd grades!!!

::insert cheeering and applause here::

I will be placing my order tomorrow, and this afternoon I'm going to start listing the things on the swap boards that I am not going to need this year! I am so glad this decision has been made, and a week early to boot! This will give me time to get the order from Calvert, go over the materials, and gather any supplies I'll need for science! I also want to come up with some sort of routine or schedule for us for our school days so it will be easier on everyone to know what to expect starting off!

I went back and forth and back and forth as usual, and last night I even got out the WTM book and my history supplies and sat down to try to do some planning. I just got all jittery trying to figure it all out! Calvert has what I WANT this coming year, and that's what matters. It's not a matter of being fearful that I can't give the kids a good education. It's that Calvert has what I am looking for in their language arts, math, and science programs. We will listen to SOTW 3 in the car because we enjoy it! I'm not terribly intimidated by the schedule or workload because I'm confident in my abilities to take what I need from it, and leave to the side anything that seems like busywork!

I think so much of the struggle I have with these decisions results from what I think people think I should use, or what my friends are using. But they aren't me and I'm not them! I'm so glad that my friends each use what works best for their families, just like I am! That's a very freeing feeling! For us, for this year, Calvert is going to be what we need! :)


Carrie said...

Good for you! You just reminded me it's time for me to start some planning, too.

Niffercoo said...

Good Luck with your planning, Carrie! I wish you a much easier time with it than I've had! :)