Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A bittersweet time!

Today I took my 9 year old son shopping for deodorant! I will spare you all the details about how we determined he was ready for it! LOL! So today we went down to the Health Food store to find a nice, natural deodorant! After sniffing what seemed like 50 varieties of Tom's of Maine deodorant, he settled on "Calendula" scent because "it smells like Dad!" He strutted his way to the checkout and I forked over the $4.50 for this all natural deodorant (remind me to rant at some point about why we have to pay so much more to buy stuff that has stuff NOT in it!). The cashier apparently recognized this moment and handed the bag directly to him, who then strutted to the van!

We got in and he said "I have to put my deodorant on now! 1-2 just like Dad taught me!"

It's sad and sweet all at the same time to see my 'little' boy growing up! Sad in that I know how fast it's all passing me by and for some reason I can't seem to manage to make the most of the ordinary moments! It's sweet though in watching my son just be so excited about this growing up stuff! So often, he doesn't embrace change! It's neat to see him jazzed about changes and becoming a man! :)

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