Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ben's Story

Today at church, I got to hear about Ben Bowen. I didn't get to meet him because he died on February 25, 2005 at the age of 2. He had a brain tumor. But I got to hear his dad speak to our church this morning, and was moved to visit his website: .

Ben's daddy was a firefighter who volunteered to go up to NYC and help with search and rescue/recovery at Ground Zero. He spoke to us about the nightmares he suffered from as a result of the sights he saw at Ground Zero. He also spoke to us about Job, trusting in God, and believing God. Then he shared how he was tested a year ago when their youngest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Ben's Dad (Tom) shared how he and his wife (named Jennifer, like me) had to decide then and there whether they were going to walk the talk that Tom had been sharing throughout the country when he would speak to churches about his experiences in NYC. Today was his first speaking engagement since Ben was diagnosed and died. I'm not sure how you could listen to this man's honesty in sharing his life over the last nearly 4 years and not be moved to tears.

I wanted to go over to Ben's Daddy and tell him how much I needed his message today, but I couldn't. I was too emotional! What I left with mostly, is that God has given us tools such as worship and prayer to help us live this life. And we should practice using these tools every day, just as a firefighter practices with his tools of the trade daily, for the time when they are needed!
It was a powerful message, and it has touched me deeply!

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