Sunday, July 17, 2005

Another step closer!

Today I've made another step closer to being prepared for the first day of school! I filled out, printed off, and addressed the Declaration of Intent form required by my state! It sure was strange to see Princess' name on that document finally! It seems like she's been homeschooling forever, but now she's really official! I also filled in and printed off the attendance forms for this coming year!

I have gotten the kids' Read-Aloud lists finalized and ready for printing for their notebooks. Also, I got the cover pages for their notebooks ready to print for decoration on the first day of school!

Oh! I also got the kids' Morning Routines and Evening table chores made into a WordPerfect file so that can be printed off and placed on the fridge! I think I managed to get our daily schedule arranged, but it's going to require early mornings and some sense of order! We'll start getting up early next week and practicing the non-school part of the morning routine! :)

I am really excited about school starting back, and I think the kids are too! Now if I can get this darn cough to leave me and Bubba, everything will be set! Oh, and I have to go school supply shopping too! :)

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