Saturday, June 11, 2005

Whose bright idea was this??

I was greeted at 7 AM this morning with a little voice in my ear whispering, "Mommy, can I do my 'Sun and Fun' now?" Did I mention that today was the 10th day and they would be getting ice cream after they completed the 10th day of "Sun and Fun"! Perhaps the new rules for "Sun and Fun" is that it can only be worked on after 10AM?? She did her 10th day of work, as did her brother when he woke up an hour later. We got the ice cream after lunch... pictures will be forthcoming!

And not to be outdone, Peanut brought me her Speech Therapy homework paper 3 different times today asking to do her "homework"! So we did it!

I think someone took my kids and left me with these highly self-motivated imposters! :) It's OK, I'll take it while it lasts! Following their example, I planned out the literature/read-aloud lists for the big kids for next school year! :) Planning for 2005-2006 has officially commenced!


Carrie said...

Just wondering -- did you go out for ice cream in your jammies? (Since this was supposed to be "jammie day".) :)

Niffercoo said...

LOL Nope, I actually had to get dressed! Jammie Day has been postponed! ;)