Thursday, June 09, 2005

We're going tubing

Not the fun kind of tubing, though! Peanut had her appt with the ENT today and he confirmed that she needs tubes to drain the fluid. She has a 25-30 decibel hearing loss in each ear. The surgery is scheduled for Monday, June 20th which is only 10 days away. I am extremely frightened. I will accept any and all prayers for her safety during this procedure!

I can't talk about it anymore right now.


LisaQuing said...

I'm praying, not only for her safety, but for your peace of mind.

"Merci" said...

Jennifer, I know how frightened you are! I'll be praying for Reece and for you as well. I can tell you all day long how much better it will be for Reece and how easy a surgery this is, but that doesn't ease your fear and I understand that. I'll pray for your peace and for Reece to have as easy a time of tubes as Allan did!