Friday, June 10, 2005

Tomorrow is Jammie Day

You read it here first! Tomorrow I am not getting out of my pajamas! This week the big kids had VBS, and Peanut had 3 appointments! We also had lunch dates twice with friends. I am wiped out completely! The kids are also just totally spent! Bubba tonight was crying over every little thing, all while insisting he wasn't sleepy! LOL (Oh, forgot to mention that I took the kids to the library late this afternoon, and Princess got her library card! She was thrilled, but honestly what was I thinking??? Chalk that one up to mom completely losing all of her brains! Note to self: never take tired children to the library!)

We're heading into another busy week, but this time no VBS to add to it. Peanut has 3 appointments again. Then, a week from Monday, she will have the tubes in and I plan to take it easy the rest of that week. The following week, the big kids have a week-long art camp! And then it seems that June will be OVER!

At some point, I need to plan lessons for next school year! I'm going to have to tackle that in July! That gives me 20 more days to choose a math program! Hee hee

The kids will be earning their first "Sun and Fun" ice cream cones tomorrow! I am so pleased with how they have received this little summer school plan! Bubba actually finished a Boxcar Children book! I have been hesistant to quiz him much on this summer reading, but today I asked "So, did it end the way you thought it would?" and he replied, "Well, I knew it was going to end because I looked ahead and saw the empty pages at the back of the book." Oh yes, thank you very much Mister Literal! I decided we were both too tired to pursue the questioning any further!

Now I'm going to go try to sleep! It's been quite elusive this last few weeks with all of Peanut's stuff going on. I'm actually praying for some rain in the morning so it will stay dark inside and everyone will be able to sleep!


Jennifer Mom of 3 in WY! said...

Hi there! I am also a Jennifer and mother of 3, however all mine are BOYS! Wild, adventurous, loud, obnoxious, exhausting, yet cute, sweet and funny boys!
I just wanted to let you know that my middle son, Alex and youngest son, Jonathan both have tubes in their ears. It was a year in February for Alex (DOB 4-4-99) and a year this month for Jonathan (DOB 4-22-02). Alex also had tonsils and adnoids removed, which was a necessary evil! However, he and Jonathan are doing great and the difference is amazing!
Jonathan was a little miracle to watch as he realized the sounds how they should sound! He would say Momma? Momma. MOMMA! as if only just hearing it finally for the first time and making the connection! He nolonger feels like he is constanly under water and it is awesome. His speech is still delayed, but greatly improved!
We did outpatient surgery for them both, and the hardest part was in recovery. They want you, but they are so out of it, you can not really comfort them. They don't remember that part, but it is hard on Momma that is for sure! I look forward to more of your BLOG!

Niffercoo said...

Thank you Jennifer! I am praying Reece has the same reaction as your son when she can finally hear everything! We have been working on her speech homework, and she does great while she's watching my mouth, but it doesn't really transfer over to her regular speaking. I wonder if that has to do with the hearing problems!

I've heard that about the recovery from others as well! Is there anything you can suggest for me to do to help her in the recovery room?

Jennifer of WY said...

As far as in the recovery room, just knowing that they aren't really "awake" when they first seem to be. They kind of panic a little and want to go home and want Mommy, and even though you are holding them and comforting them, they are jsut in and out of it. Once they are more awake it is better. The sooner you can get some popscicle or ice chips in their the better, because as they wake, they don't want it, but the cool does help them. Just be calm and go with the flow, know that she will be okay and it is more the medicine talking at first. And they feel better pretty quickly. Jonathan was playing in the afternoon like nothing happened. Hope this makes sense and helps!