Monday, June 20, 2005


Ok, now that the kids are in bed and I've had a nap and can look back on these events, I will write some more! Peanut did great the rest of the day! She had her moments, but nothing much different than usual! She did not like the antibiotic ear drops one bit. I'm sure they felt quite odd! She was happy and dancing around! I do have to say that I think I was expecting a much more pronounced change in her hearing though. She still doesn't act like she hears very well when you call her name. And I was sort of thinking she would just start speaking clearly instantly. She really doesn't seem much different.

I have to give all the respect and appreciation in the world for the staff at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's Surgery Center at Meridian Mark. They were the most caring, understanding, and genuinely wonderful folks I've dealt with in a very long time! I will never ever forget the anesthesiologist rubbing my Peanut's forehead and hair as he was holding the mask to her face. She got really freaked out when the mask was put on her. I was holding her hand, and I started singing her favorite song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and rubbing her hand. She started to settle down, and I noticed that the anesthesiologist was rubbing her little forehead. When she fell asleep, the nurse said "OK, Mom" as my cue to go... and the anesthesiologist said "Do you want to give her a kiss before you leave?" That was just so awesome! Great guy! Don't remember your name, but you made a nervous mom feel like her baby was in good hands! :)

I also have to just tell everyone how fabulous Peanut was today! She was so patient and playful! She sat on my lap a good bit of the time in the Pre-Op room, and every now and then she'd ask "I'm gonna be OK?" so I know she was nervous! But she was such a good girl through everything! Like I said, she got nervous in the operating room, but honestly that was an intimidating place! I don't blame her one bit at all! The huge light above the operating table was enough to freak a grown-up out! I am so proud of her for her bravery!!

Hubby was super through the whole thing too! I know he was upset that he couldn't go back into the operating room when they put her to sleep, and I definitely know he was concerned that I would lose it and upset Peanut. But he didn't press the issue beyond reminding me on the way down there how bad it would be if she saw me crying. I assured him I would be fine, and if I felt anything but fine, I would have him take her. But there is no way I could not go in there with her. I admire him for having the trust in me to be able to manage! And I hope he forgives me for not letting him do it himself. :)

I am SO glad this is all behind us now! We have 4 more days of antibiotic ear drops, and then a follow-up visit with the ENT in a month! I am really praying this makes a big difference in her hearing and in the fluid she had in her ears! I am going to sleep very well tonight!

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