Tuesday, June 07, 2005

OT Evaluation

We had another really good appointment today! I am amazed at how well Peanut is handling all of these new settings and new people! She did super today with the Occupational Therapist! The appointment lasted slightly over an hour.

The OT didn't really tell me anything that was new and surprising. She did use a term to describe it which I was unfamiliar with. She said that Peanut has some 'sensory defensiveness'. I googled when I got home and it pulled up lots of information on Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Autism. I'm familiar with both of those. In fact, my friend Sarah had mentioned Sensory Integration the last time we were together and I asked her for her opinions on Peanut.

The evaluation was really good, and I am very pleased with the OT. She was very positive about homeschooling, and even about Peanut having nursed so long. She is very much into individuality, not medicating on a whim, and loving a child for who he is. She made sure I understood that the goal was to help the child with coping skills and techniques for the things that are hard for them to manage on their own. I thought that was awesome! We will go back and meet with her next Tuesday when we will discuss the forms I have to fill out over the week, and make a plan for her.

It is also becoming abundantly clear that I need to get Bubba in for an evaluation as well. I will ask about that when he goes in for his checkup in July. I am afraid that if we don't get him some coping skills soon, he is going to have a really rough adolescence. He already shows indications that he thinks poorly of himself b/c of the crying and some of the other negative reactions he has. One step at a time though.

Speaking of negative reactions... Bubba had one at VBS today. He didn't think he did a good job on his craft b/c it didn't turn out 'the way it was supposed to'. He didn't say if he cried or not, but he was still talking about it later. Princess said she had a nice time! Her teacher said that she was 'very excited' all day! I know what that means! It's code for: Princess talked alot all morning, and loudly too! LOL

2 appts down, 1 to go this week. Nothing tomorrow and I'm glad for that! I am completely worn out. I didn't sleep last night at all. (Which reminds me that the OT says that Peanut not sleeping is related to the sensory thing) I had horrific nightmares... including one where my parents took the kids away from me. :( I'm going to stay home tonight and hopefully get a good night's sleep!

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