Monday, June 13, 2005

Now that it's out of my system...

I'm feeling better. I did a 3 mile walk tonight (with Leslie Sansone and my 3 pound weights) and I think that helped alot. I'm going to have to work my way through this and come out on the other side with some lasting confidence, and a game plan. Otherwise nothing is going to change.

It may have to wait until next week, after Peanut's surgery. Right now, that's where my focus lies! BTW, she did really well in Speech Therapy today! She had alot of fun and moved on to a new letter sound to work on! Her ST said she could tell we've been working on it alot at home! The big kids are out of sorts... maybe worried about Peanut? Bubba is crying at the drop of a hat and it's driving me nuts. I told hubbys tonight that this must be what it's like living with me?! On a good note, Princess thinks I'm amazing because I put her hair in braids tonight like Betsy from the Betsy-Tacy books!

Now, I'm going to bed! Things will look better in the morning! :)


LH said...

Linked here from Alaska's blog - Just wanted to say hello - and our boys are the same age! :)

Niffercoo said...

That's so cool!! Thanks for stopping by! :) I'll check out your blog too!