Sunday, June 26, 2005

Mama Guilt, revisited

Hubby just told me that when he was tucking Princess into bed, she asked him why we pay more attention to Bubba and Peanut than to her. She said we ignore her. It would be sort of annoying, except in my heart I know she's right. She's very smart, so I ignored alot of her schooling last year. Bubba struggles and he needs more of my time. She got things easily, including reading especially, so I just left her to her own. Obviously you know Peanut's story if you've been reading my blog. Now she has twice daily OT sessions and a ST therapy session. It adds up to about 90 minutes a day. And she's potty training, so that takes time.

I thought I was doing better though, because I've been giving Princess 'cooking lessons'. I've got to find more time for her daily. This year she becomes 'official' with homeschooling so I will be forced to do a better job than I have in the past.

I really wish I wasn't an only child. I just don't know how to balance all of this!

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