Monday, June 06, 2005

A little peace!

It's so quiet in here this morning! Can you believe it's 8:20 and everyone is still asleep in my house? We have Vacation Bible School this week, so I'm going to have to go wake them up in just a few minutes, though. But I have a couple of minutes to blog!

I have been so pleased with the response of the kids to my "Sun and Fun" plan! They have asked to do it every day this month so far, including Saturday and Sunday! I know they are wanting the ice cream at the end of the 10 days, but it's neat to see them eager for something that involves learning!

Bubba just woke up... upset that he had slept in. I told him to relax, I wasn't going to wake them up for another 10 minutes! He's getting dressed right now! Must be excited about going to VBS! :)

Peanut did really well at church yesterday! We are starting to go to hubby's church, which is a very long story! It's 45 minutes away, but I really feel like God wants us at church with him, so we will go! Peanut went right in to the nursery, and I let the teachers know that she's having a little hearing loss going on right now. The nursery workers at our other church complained that she didn't listen to them. Well, if she's having hearing problems, it's no wonder. So I gave the teachers the heads up that they might want to get her attention first before they give instructions. I guess all went well! She also went potty for them! :)

Princess was very well-behaved at church yesterday! Oh speaking of Princess, she just woke up too! She gave me a hug, then left because she doesn't like the mint smell of my toothpaste! LOL That is SO her! :) Anyway, she did really well at church. At our other church, she goes to 'childrens church' which is just glorified playtime. At hubby's church the kids are in the service until after the music, then they go to childrens church. But for the summer there is no childrens church so the kids stay in the service the whole time. It was a very long service too, because it was the church's 100th anniversary! But she did well!

And here is Miss Peanut climbing onto my lap! I guess that's my cue to go!

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