Wednesday, June 01, 2005


That's what Peanut's tympanogram did today, in both ears. She had her hearing test and the results were completely surprising. Apparently, she has fluid in both ears. She failed her hearing test.

I should start off by saying that she was SO good during the test! She was cooperative and sweet and funny! The lady was starting to ask her questions and she goes " 'Scuse me... what's your name?" LOL So the results we got were accurate anyway, because she did so well!

The results were typical, at least, which I guess is something to be glad for. Typical for a child with fluid behind their ears. When the lady (whose name was Emma by the way LOL) did the rest with a device that bypassed the fluid, she passed with flying colors. Without it, she tested with a whole range that she doesn't hear.

So we have to see the ENT next Thursday and discuss how to get rid of the fluid. The tech mentioned tubes which just scares me to death. I can't say that outloud though because Bubba's already worried. He asked Emma how to fix his sister and what were tubes and how do they get in her ears, and when she said it's a surgery, Bubba started to cry. :( I just don't understand how she could have fluid in her ears and the peds never seeing it at checkups. And if it hasn't been there all along, would it not be affecting her speech? So are we back at square one for the cause of her speech delay?

I'm sure all of these questions will be answered when we see the ENT next week, but it's going to drive me crazy wondering in the mean time! And I called the Speech Therapist who said to go ahead and start her therapy next week as we planned... but I'm wondering if that will be the best thing to do until we get this fluid thing taken care of.

I feel so terrible... if she's had fluid in her ears this whole time, what a bad mom am I?! It seems like everything I have tried to do right for her hasn't seemed to matter. I nursed her for 2.5 years and she can't talk, has fluid in her ears. ::sigh::

I need chocolate.

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