Saturday, May 28, 2005


Oh my goodness gracious!!! You read the title correctly! My son hit two TRIPLES in his game today! I am so proud of him!! His first 2 at-bats he struck out. My MIL came today to see his game for the first time ever, so I was really hoping that he would hit the ball so she could see it! Well, I was never expecting this much excitement!! Both balls were hit solidly... these weren't triples because the outfielders bobbled the ball or the infielders made bad plays! The first was a line drive hit into deep left center field. The second was a power hit down the right field line! It was extremely exciting to watch! Hubby was filling in as assistant coach today, so you can imagine his excitement as well, being right on the field when it all took place!

Bubba was awarded his 2nd game ball of the season... this one for his excellent play today! He was so proud of himself, you could tell!

We're going to enjoy the rest of our afternoon and weekend! Happy Memorial Day to everyone! :)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, WTG Austin!

Jen, so glad you are enjoying your weekend so far! Have a great couple of days if I don't catch you online. TTYL