Thursday, May 12, 2005

Tomorrow's the appointment day

When we made this appointment more than a month ago, it was out of despair and fear. Reece wasn't talking. She wasn't understanding. She was melting down and you couldn't get her back. She was doing 'odd' things, like walking on her toes. I had been through most of it with her brother, except for the not talking part. That's the part that scared me the most. At her 3 year well-child visit, her new ped got to see the whole shebang first-hand. What a way to break in a new ped huh? The ped recommended a full developmental evaluation... Reece had not hit one 3 year milestone. I spent hours on the phone with the insurance company trying to get them to pay for the evaluation. Finally, they agreed to pay for 5 visits with a developmental specialist who focuses on autism. The bad news was, this awesome clinic is backlogged. Our intake appt. was scheduled for May, with the chance of getting in to see the doctor not happening until September at the earliest. It was OK though, because this guy is the best and I needed answers.

A few days after the appointment was made, Reece started talking. She then started playing with toys, and with her siblings. She started making jokes. She started counting and recognizing letters. She started replying to my requests to walk on her flat feet with "I walk on my tiptoes! I a ballerina!" She even peed in the potty.. twice! :) It was as if someone had pushed the "on" button, and my baby suddenly came to life! At one point, my husband looked at me and asked, "Are we still worried about her?"

Not really... not anymore. I am OK with "developmentally behind/delayed." I have lived it with Austin for years and years, and have found that it really works out in the end for him. Perhaps if we hadn't chosen to homeschool, that wouldn't be true. But I can go at his pace at home, and frankly his social skills have soared with him at home. He's still not Mr. Social, and his buddies have to remind him not to walk away when they are talking to him... but he's coming around! Reece is a little cookie-cutter of her brother. I don't mind if she's behind, or taking her own sweet time to come to whichever milestone is next. What was scary was when she seemed locked in a world that I couldn't get in to. That lock has been opened now, though. She may never be the social butterfly her sister is, but that's OK!

So we're going to go to the appointment tomorrow. I'm going to tell them basically what I have typed here. I hope they don't feel like I have wasted their time. I wouldn't mind a speech evaluation to see if there is something that can get her more up to the expectations for her age, but honestly she doesn't do badly for someone who has only been speaking for a month or so! Probably a hearing test wouldn't be bad either, but I think I've taken each of the kids in for a hearing test around this age! LOL I don't really want to go to this appointment, but I think in the long run I will be glad I did!

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