Thursday, May 05, 2005

SO excited!

I had to check the date on the calendar: nope, it's not December 24th!! But I guess it's the homeschool mom equivalent! It's the day before the state homeschool convention!!

It is safe to say I'm a bit excited!!

I have my clothes all laid out. They have actually been laid out since Tuesday, but who's counting right??

The milk crate and the little rolly thing I attach it to are set out and ready to go.

My book lists are printed. I have gone through our library online catalog and noted which books are at the library. The remaining books I found the prices at and noted them on my list so I can be looking for the best deals! Tonight I am going to make a list of the "Books that would be nice to have if I can find them at good prices". Oh I LOVE LISTS!!!!

I am so excited I can't stand myself!!

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