Friday, May 27, 2005

Last Day of School!!

Oh I am so glad this day has finally come!!! Kindergarten and 2nd grade are officially OVER!!! I am so relieved! Wow, I'm really not sounding like the poster mom for homeschooling huh?! LOL

This school year has been stressful, and chaotic! And I'm really hoping this summer will bring a time to refocus, and organize, and get my energy back! Also, I'm hoping to have Potty Training 101 completed over the summer for a certain little 3 year old!

The big kids will have a chance to complete "Sun and Fun" this summer! For every day they read and do some sort of math (predetermined choices by the Mama!), they will get a sun sticker on their calendars. After they get 10 stickers, they get to go for ice cream! YUM!!! So it's an incentive for the kids, and a delicious bonus for mom!

Let the summer begin... school's out until August!

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