Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It's a WHAT?!?!?!

OK, the title probably gives it away! But I'll get to that soon enough! :)

We got to the hospital and the nurse on duty hooked me up to a monitor. I found out later from the nurse that my OB had called up to the hospital and told them that I was a first-time mother who assumed that because it was my due date I must be in labor. He wanted me hooked up for an hour or two and sent home. @@ So they did the hour, and nothing had changed. But I was really hurting... so the nurse had me walk around the hospital for a little while. Alison had joined us at the hospital, so she and Russ followed me around singing along with the muzak. Oh I was so not thrilled! Went back to get checked again, and voila! I was progressing. This was around 11 PM. I called mom and dad in SC and told them it was time to come.

There was a shift change around this time, and we were waiting for the epidural guy to come. See? I told you this was not my most Bradley Method birth! At one point I screamed out "Somebody PLEASE help me!!" Thinking back now, I am totally embarrassed! It didn't help that the shift change brought in a new nurse who was the mother of two girls I supervised at Walmart (my night job while pregnant!). Oh talk about the end of the world... I sobbed on her shoulder like a little baby! I got my epidural and things calmed down dramatically! But at some point before the epidural, Alison decided to get on birth control. And she wasn't even dating anyone at the time! (She has gone on to have her own child just last fall so I didn't do any permanent damage!).

By and by... time came to push! I look back and wonder why someone didn't turn off the epidural! It would have gone alot faster! Oh well, hindsight is most definitely 20/20! Anyway, many medical interventions later... the baby was born! And yes, here comes the surprise:

"It's a BOY!"

HUH?!?! 3 ultrasounds have told us definitely "GIRL"! As in girl parts! As in a pink dress in my suitcase to bring baby home in, and a pink bassinett for baby to sleep in! OOPS!

I was literally terrified of my child. I had never been around babies before in my life, and certainly never one I had to be responsible for! It took me 12 hours to even take his little hat off to see if he had hair! I could write for days about all the stuff I did wrong with him as a baby! But that would get boring, and I'd probably need alot of chocolate afterward! I wasn't freaked out about him being a boy though, after the initial 'HUH!" And Russ went with my dad the next day and picked him out a cute little outfit to come home in... nice and blue and sweet!

I really can't believe that's been 9 years ago already! Where has the time gone? My tiny little baby now stands to above my chest! He totally changed my life! He taught me how to be a mom! Sometimes I wish he would have had the mom that Reece had... the older, more experienced, more relaxed (no laughing here folks) mom. But I guess God places each child into the family in the place they are in for a very specific reason! I think one year I'm going to make Austin a t-shirt that reads "I survived my mother and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!" :)

So Happy Birthday to my first-born (in about 4 hours!)!! I'll take a picture of Mr. Birthday Boy tomorrow and put it up on the blog!


Laney said...

Your title is very funny!
LOL about the Wal-Mart story.

Anonymous said...

I need a shirt like that for my gang. I survived my mother... that's good.

Anonymous said...

Daphne is anonymous by the way.

Jennifer too said...

I laughed thru tears at this one! I too am a mother of 3.. all boys though! And my oldest, Forrest is 7. He is living through the after-effects of my test pilot mothering!!! And my sweet 3 yr old is in the blessed blissful nest of an older, calmer Momma!