Friday, May 20, 2005

It must be the end of May...

and I know it without looking at a calendar! Wanna know why? Calvert is starting to look mighty friendly again!

At least I'm recognizing it now though! I bought Calvert for Bubba and Princess in May of 2003. Last year in May, I nearly bought it again, but decided against it because of cost. But it's honestly looking really good again to me.

Homeschooling in real life, at the Black Pearl Academy, day-to-day... it just doesn't work in the way that I dream it will. We're not all learning together all nice and cozy. Bubba and Princess are highly competitive, which wouldn't necessarily be a problem if Bubba just didn't have such a hard time with school. Princess is quickly passing him up in many ways. Sitting together for history turns into a competition between who can answer the questions better or who can tell more details and "I was going to say that! She/He stole what I was going to say!" It just ain't alot of fun.

I try to relax and do that sort of unschooling... and then it feels like we're not really learning anything. I wonder if perhaps it's not better to just school them completely separately? Don't try to do history or science together. They are 3 years apart in age, but only 2 grades. Much closer though in ability, which is not helpful at all.

So I'm looking at Calvert again for Bubba mostly. Princess I think would be OK without it for another year or two. The cost is astronomical. That's what stops me from ordering it right this very moment. Perhaps that's a good thing though. I actually have to stop and think first, save up the money, decide if that's really the way to go. Decide if I could really let go the guilt of using a 'box curriculum' that plagued me the last time we used Calvert.

Anyone have any ideas? :(

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Carrie said...

If you think this is the best way to go for Austin, I don't think there's any reason to feel guilty!