Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Busy Evening!

Tonight was the AWANA Sparks awards ceremony, so we had to have a quick dinner, followed by a brief birthday party for Bubba! He got National Treasure DVD, and a book called "Don't Know Much About American History" from his sisters! (It sort of became a tradition this year that the siblings got each other a DVD and a book).

Princess got the First Book Award for completing her Skipper Handbook! Bubba got the Sparky Plaque for completing the Sparks program! During his 3 years as a Sparker, he completed the 3 Sparks Handbooks, all of the review (going back and doing the entire handbook again with no helps plus additional verses at the end of the book), PLUS he completed all 3 Workbooks. The workbooks contain more verses plus alot of puzzles and copying of the verses. AWANA is an area where he really shines! He is not a strong reader, he struggles with academics in general... but boy, he can memorize some scripture!! I was so proud of him when he got his plaque! There were about 30 kids in all who also got the Sparky Plaque, so it's not like it's incredibly rare or anything. But it was just very special to me! I think everyone really needs an area that they can shine in! Bubba will move onto the Truth & Training Club at AWANA next year. The verses are even harder, but I have no doubt he's up for the challenge! :)

I took the kids out for ice cream to celebrate their awards. Daddy stayed home with Peanut for this last special Wednesday night time together! Next year, she will go to AWANA with us to be a Cubbie!

A busy evening... but a nice one!

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