Friday, May 13, 2005

Appointment reflections

This is probably just going to be brief because it's been a long day and I'm really worn out! If I think of any other details later, I will write more then! The appointment was really great, and I like the CSW a bunch! We ended up talking a bit about Austin as well, because she asked us to describe Reece's siblings and any issues we were aware of with them.

The CSW didn't really mention anything that was 'news' to me! She believes Reece (and Austin) exhibit some traits that are on the autistic spectrum, but that are very mild! I spoke to her about always getting worried about Austin, and just when I was ready to get him further testing, everything would seem to resolve itself, and then it would happen again and again. She said that is quite common. I told her that's why we were here. I explained all of the issues with Reece and how many are resolved. She said she was really impressed to hear us talk about our kids in such positive terms, knowing their strengths and weaknesses and just wanting to know if there is something we can do to help. She said folks are usually in denial, or are wanting an instant diagnosis.

In the end, she said that there was nothing in what we were describing about Reece's behavior that set off any red flags. She said it sounded as if I have sort of an early intervention program running in the home b/c I have such experience with handling Austin's issues, and those are manifesting in Reece as well so I can handle it fairly well. She does think Reece would benefit from a speech evaluation and an evaluation with the occupational therapist. (She also recommended the OT for Austin). This would give us just a few more ideas for how to help them manage their emotional and self-control. (Russ asked if we could get Mommy some OT @@). She would also like the doctor to see Reece, and we made an appt. for the first available thing: the last day of September. We should see the other therapists before then though for evaluation and any possible therapy they could recommend. If anything changes, and we choose not to pursue the evaluation with the doctor we can just cancel it.

Basically she said whether or not to pursue evaluation and therapies is up to our discretion. We have the freedom as homeschoolers not to really need a diagnosis. And their behaviors are not so bothersome (now that Reece is communicating) to send up red flags. However, she did say that there are services out there that might help Reece (and Austin) with those weak areas that don't seem to be resolving themselves as quickly as we might like (for Reece that would be speech, and for Austin that would be social/emotional stuff).

I will start calling around on Monday to see if insurance will cover any of these other evaluations, and how long we might have to wait for those! The CSW gave me the names of several places that are very close by, so we have numerous options depending on insurance.

That's all I can remember right now! If you have questions, post a comment and it might trigger my memory! lol It was an excellent appointment and I really like this place. I trust that they have Reece's interests at heart and are not just trying to get her diagnosed and medicated.

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