Saturday, May 07, 2005

Ahhhhh, bliss!!

Well, it's the day after convention! All I can really say is that we had such a wonderful day!! I picked up Daphne at her husband's work, and we headed over to Jan's! When I picked her up, the first thing she said was, "It's CHRISTMAS DAY!!" It was so cool to know someone else was excited as I was! LOL

We drove over to Jan's and got there about 10 minutes early, so we waited for a few minutes... when Jan's dad arrived to watch her kids, Daphne and I got our stuff out of my van. We all rode in Jan's van. Her husband had surprised her earlier in the week by having her van completely detailed for "Teacher Appreciation Day" on Tuesday! Jan was as hyped up as we were so we just all talked excitedly like kids before Christmas all the way down to the convention! You would have thought we were all going to a day at the spa or something with as excited as we were.

Time seemed to fly once we got into the vendor hall! I started off by checking out My Father's World, since it was very handily the first booth when we walked in. I knew that I needed to make that decision first since it would rule the other decisions I had for the day. More on that later! We had decided to look around first, go to lunch, then come back for shopping! To my surprise, it was 1 PM before we'd even gotten more than halfway through! Time just flew!

We had lunch at IHOP, followed by a little dessert on the way back to the convention! YUM!

Once back at the convention we had only about 3.5 hours left before the vendor hall closed!! We got right to work with the shopping and I think everyone was totally pleased with their purchases! Jan and I both commented on how nice it was to come to convention with specific goals in mind, rather than the previous times we had gone to convention and had been very confused!

After the convention, we took Daphne back to her car at her husband's work, and then Jan and I went to see Kingdom of Heaven. That, of course, will be another entry! ;)

OK, now to address the goals I made before convention (these are in reference to my goals post from a few days ago):

1. It took just a few minutes of looking at the Adventures in My Father's World to know it wasn't for me. It was very directed and I could just see my getting all worked up about not getting something done that was on the list. The Bible part looked very good, but we are quite busy with our AWANA curriculum. The art curriculum they use is OK, but it's very expensive for 2 kids. I wasn't totally thrilled with the selection of spine book for American History. The activities looked to be rather like busy work. It was actually quite freeing to make this decision. How amazing that I could look at something that seems 'great' and know it's not 'great' for us! So we will continue with SOTW next year, adding in lots of the great american history picture books out there for elementary kids!

2. This was a painful decision, but I chose to continue on with Singapore Math. I was just not impressed with the Gamma MUS book. I looked it over, spoke with the MUS rep, and in the end was just more pleased with what I saw from Singapore Math. I think I have been worried to continue with Singapore in case Austin has a problem with it later... but if that ever happens, I can always switch to MUS at THAT point. For now, he is understanding Singapore math and proceeding with it nicely!

3. I bought 2 card games for math, and a set of the neatest dice with various numbers on them! I didn't get the states game that I was looking for, and when I went back for Moneywise Kids it was sold out. Also, I couldn't find the States/Capitals Hot Dots set, and the States/Capitals CD was sold out when I went back for that too! But those are all things I can get locally, or order at another time, so it's not the end of the world!

4. I bought HWT for the kids since it was the same price as online but without having to pay shipping! I did get the workbook for Riley since I think she will like that to start off the school year before we resume copywork. I got the Teacher's Editions for Spelling Workout C and D used. Spelling Workout Student books were $3 more each, so I will order those online.

5. Miller was out of the art paper I wanted so I will buy some manilla paper from The School Box teacher supply store locally.

6. Couldn't find any Clyde Robert Bulla books that were in decent shape. I will order from the next time they send me a coupon! Our library has a good selection, too. On that note, I decided to do assigned reading for both kids out of the Pathway readers (graded, but not as much like a basal reader). That way I know they are both progressing with reading, and it will allow me to just let Austin and Riley read whatever they love for their free reading each day without worrying about their choices! I am hoping that translates into no tears for mom or for kids! ;)

7. La Clase was not there this year! Very odd, will send him an email about the Level 2 being on DVD like I heard it was supposed to be.

8. We had SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! It was just about the most perfect day I have ever had! I think I can safely say the same for Jan and for Daphne!! We all had such a great time! We're already making plans for next year's convention!

I have not totally decided on Language Arts, but I am leaning towards keeping on with Rod and Staff next year! That will be my next area of prayer and consideration!

Well, that's about it!! I hope my enthusiasm shows through my posting! Yesterday was absolutely awesome!

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