Tuesday, May 17, 2005

9 Years Ago Today....

Ok, I can hear the groans coming already and I haven't even posted this yet! Hee hee!

9 years ago today was my due date with Austin! I woke up this morning feeling somewhat different but unable to put my finger on it. I had an intense need to go shopping! I would later realize that my 'nesting instinct' involves the mall! :) There was a one day sale at a large department store in TN where we lived when Austin was born, and I was waiting for the doors to open that morning! I had stopped working a week earlier to relax and get some things packed up. We would be moving to GA soon after Austin was born, so I knew I had to get the place ready! Russ was already working in GA, and he came home every weekend as my due date neared. My due date was a Friday, so I was expecting him around 6 that evening! Contractions started noticeably happening while I was shopping that morning... a nice calm 15 minutes apart!

Later on in the afternoon, I went in to the doctor because I felt like I was in labor. As would happen 2 more times in my life, I was told I wasn't in labor and to go home. This doctor actually told me to drink 32 ounces of water and eat a big meal. So my friend Alison and I stopped at Sonic on the way home! YUM!

Once we got back to my apartment the contractions started coming harder and more frequently... only now I had to pee because I'd been drinking 32 ounces of water! LOL I remember throwing rolls of toilet paper down the hallway! Keep in mind, this was my first labor! ;) Alison was keeping track of the contractions for me on a piece of paper. We called the doctor again, but he brushed me off. I hadn't yet called Russ to tell him anything was going on. This was back in the days before he and I carried cell phones, and he was en route!

He walked in the door of our apartment to find me still handling labor in a really not-so-Bradley-Method way... throwing things and screaming! LOL He called the doctor back yet again... this time the doctor told us to go to the hospital to get checked out! If my memory serves me right, it was between 7 and 8 PM when we got checked into the hospital!

That's all for now... most of the exciting labor stuff happened in the late evening of the 17th and early on the 18th! I'll write more tonight! You'll have to wait until then to find out how it all transpired! Can you guess what the big surprise was with Austin's birth?? Remember, we've had a big surprise with each of them!


Carrie said...

I may be weird, but I never get tired of reading or hearing birth stories -- or talking about mine! :P Happy (early) Birthday, Austin!

Laney said...

LOL!! You are too funny! I did Bradley as well and it was a great experience. Can't wait to hear the rest!