Wednesday, May 04, 2005

36 hours and counting...

It's almost convention time!!! I am SO excited! There is just something about the state Homeschool Convention that makes me get all tingly inside! Maybe it's getting to spend a whole day alone (well, with my best homeschooling buddies, but you know what I mean!). It could be getting to look at ALL of that awesome curricula (a blessing and a curse for those of us with major curriculum addictions!). But more likely it's just being around all those homeschooling families! To see that we're not all that alone, weird, different, deviant, etc! I feel so energized when I get back!!

OK, there is the nitty gritty! These are my goals for the convention. For the record, I am only going to shop this year. I didn't pay for the full pass since there weren't very many people I wanted to hear speak. Also, I only have one day this year instead of two to attend so I need to spend most of my time deciding and shopping!

Goals for 2005 Homeschool Convention:

1. Look at Adventures in My Father's World from My Father's World. This is a Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum designed for oldest children who are in 2nd/3rd grades. It is an overview of American History, but also includes science, Bible, art, etc! If this looks good, it will replace SOTW for now. We will return to SOTW with our next history rotation (MFW uses it in their 5 year history program!). If this doesn't look good... we will continue on with SOTW 3 next year.

2. Look at both MUS Gamma and Singapore 2B/3A to make a decision on that. On the way home tonight I was struck by how Math has been the bane of my homeschooling existence. How many programs have we used? 5? 6? Tonight this came into my head regarding math: "It is a strange fate we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing... such a little thing." OK, so I even think LOTR in my head. But it's truth. Going to compare and contrast at the convention! :)

3. Find some fun games to go with our studies next year!

4. Purchase Spelling Workout and Handwriting Without Tears if they are cheaper than online. (note: decide if Riley needs a HWT workbook or if she will be fine with just continuing to do copywork that I make up).

5. Get some art/crafts paper from Miller Pads and Paper since we're out of manilla paper.

6. Buy any and all Clyde Robert Bulla books I can find for Austin (that we don't already have!).

7. Purchase La Clase Divertida Level 2, unless they will soon be offering it on DVD then I will wait!

8. Have a fun time curriculum shopping with Jan, and with Daphne and Sherry if they get to come along too!! Enjoy fun-filled lunch with aforementioned friends!

(Also, decide if Rod & Staff English is the way I want to approach Language Arts. This is a fairly complicated decision and one that might not be made Friday. But I will keep it in mind as I browse. )

I think that's about it! It's nice to have clearly outlined goals isn't it? I feel like I'm experienced enough to know what I want to accomplish so I don't get overwhelmed!! ::doing the little excited happy dance:: How am I ever going to sleep tomorrow night!?!

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