Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Missing: My Motivation!

I think I win the "Laziest person of the Day" award for today! I know, Flylady says it's anti-procrastination day. But honestly, I have accomplished about 1 thing today and that's all! I sold off all my Sonlight Instructor Guides and the complete Science 1 Kit, so I would have some money for next week's convention shopping. So I made it to the post office to mail those away.

And that's all I've done today!

We didn't do what I guess you would call school... not even school 'lite'. Riley has played and colored and did a few 'thinking' sort of games in a coloring book. Austin has worked on his AWANA verses all day (he's trying to complete the entire Climber Workbook in 2 sessions!). We ate breakfast, lunch, dinner will be in 30 minutes. Had rest time.. done tons of laundry b/c apparently Reece is only going to use the potty once a week (Tuesday around lunchtime!).

Did I mention I have to take Reece to AWANA tonight with us? Dh is teaching the choir tonight! What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall in that place! Wouldn't surprise me to hear the choir singing Van Halen on Sunday! LOL But the problem there is that AWANA starts at 6:45 and Reece's bedtime is around 7. So she's going to fall asleep on the way there, and be wide awake at 10 Pm! Ugh.

I feel like a slug! Why can't I seem to get motivated today??

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