Monday, April 25, 2005

I'm back!

I did it! I survived my week off the computer! The first 3 days were incredibly hard, but the rest of the week was not bad! I read 2 of the books that I got from the library: The Taking, and The Hiding Place. The Taking was good fiction.. read it in one night! lol! The Hiding Place was an amazing work and really transported me back in time and to Holland! It took me 3 evenings to read it through, but it required more careful attention than did the Koontz book!

The kids aren't adjusting well to having me back on the computer! I had to admit we got SO much done every day! ALL of our school work done every day and usually before noon! We were up and dressed and doing chores by 8:00 each morning! So it's helpful to know that it may not be the kids giving me trouble with getting school done, but it may be my own divided focus. So, no computer until school is done each day... starting tomorrow of course! LOL! I'm not even sure why I planned to DO school today! Hee hee!

No word from God on curriculum choices, so apparently that means very little to Him. I had kind of figured that! LOL I'll just pick something, use it, and we'll live! :)

I was given this verse this past week so I'll be applying it to my life.. it's from the New King James b/c that's how I memorized it when Austin was learning it for AWANA:

Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you. Joshua 1:9

With homeschooling, I live in a constant state of 'fear and dismay' that I'm going to screw up! Not a good way to live a life is it? Gonna work on that! I'm going to "Believe and then speak" as Beth Moore would say! So when I feel the fear and dismay creeping up on me, I'm gonna attack it with Joshua 1:9!

Ok, off to get the day going... will return at rest time for more fun! I just realized that I haven't gotten to share the 'termite story' with everyone!!!! It's a good one!

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