Monday, April 04, 2005

How could I forget?!

I think I'm losing my mind in my old age!! I can't believe I forgot my most exciting news of April!!

I am quoted on Page 93 of the new Sonlight Curriculum catalog!!

It's probably a good thing it took me 4 days to blog about this because I had an awful case of 'big head' last Friday when my catalog arrived! Though I still think it's very cool that this catalog will be going all over the WORLD and that people might be deciding to purchase the Singapore Math Rainbow Rock CD rom just because I recommended it! :)

(Of course, then it does feel weird that I'm considering buying Math U See again next year for Austin to learn multiplication... but honestly Rainbow Rock IS really the best math CD I've ever seen! The kids still get so excited to play it! So my endorsement stands!)

Ok, now I really must go finish school with the big kids since Reece fell asleep on the couch during rest time!!

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