Saturday, April 09, 2005

Favorite movie lines!

This is an offshoot from a post on the WTM General board... talking about favorite movie lines! I decided not to take over the thread. It's not just so I am polite! It's so people don't realize how nuts I am! (Of course those of you who know I am trying to compile every major reading list into a master reading list lest I miss any MUST-READ books for my kids already know that!)

Here, in no particular order, are my favorite movie lines:

"And the seventh angel poured forth his bowl into the air saying it is done." (The Hunt for Red October)

Just about the entire Pirates of the Caribbean script! :)

"Are you frightened? Not nearly frightened enough... I know what hunts you!" (Fellowship of the Ring)

"And we wept precious. We wept to be so alone." (Return of the King)

Oh doesn't it figure now I'm drawing a blank! Sheesh! This reading list is completely going to be the death of me! But that's another post....

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