Monday, April 04, 2005

Did you miss me?

I took an unintended hiatus from blogging it appears! Lisa pointed it out last night... I think she finally got tired of reading the preschool post! :)

We missed going to church for Easter... the girls and I were sick as dogs! Austin took good care of us though, while Daddy was playing at 2 services! We just laid around the living room watching TV!

The health insurance company finally approved Reece for her developmental evaluation!! We will go in May for the first little appointment where it's mostly paperwork, and then she will be seen by the doctor sometime in the fall! I had no idea that it took that long to get an appointment! But this guy is really tops in the field, so I want her to see him! If he will look her over and tell me she is fine, then I will truly believe him! She has such good days sometimes, when I start to wonder why I'm even wanting her evaluated! Then she turns around and has a day like she had at Bible Study last week, and I can't help but remember. I told the nursery staff last week about the testing we want to have done... I was so embarrassed, but they were asking me questions about if she could hear or understand things, and why does she have such tantrums sometimes. So I felt like they were suspecting something was wrong anyway.

Last Friday I went to a meeting called a "Whole Hearted Workshop" where I learned more about the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling! This will be a continuing series of workshops, one per month, and we will get more into the specifics at each monthly meeting! It's very interesting!! I went with Jan and Daphne! I am SO grateful for those ladies and their friendship! I'm not sure I could do this homeschooling thing without them! :)

That's about all really... we're trying to work really hard these next few weeks so we can take June and July basically off from school! And I promise to give my blog the regular attention it deserves!

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