Monday, April 25, 2005

The Day the Termite Guy Came

Yeah, first of all let me just say "EWWW! We have termites!!" If you've seen those commercials from Terminix where you just sort of fall through the wall, that's pretty much how it works! LOL

Anyway, so the pest guy came to install this system in the house and he had to drill every 12 inches around the slab. The kids found that completely fascinating, and the picture below reflects that! I wouldn't let them outside because there was concrete and stuff flying around, but there is about a 3/4 inch gap between the door frame and the screen door, so they were all looking through there to watch him drill!

Now for the story:

Riley's first edition of "Your Big Backyard" magazine came that same day and it in, a picture of termites and mounds in Africa. She ran it out to the garage to show the termite guy! He laughed and said that we don't have THOSE kind of termites here, and Austin asked what kind we have. Termite Guy says "Eastern Subterranean Termites" to which Austin replied "Ahh, yes... sub! That means under in Latin!" (Yay for Rummy Roots! LOL) and then Riley shouts out "Like SUBway because it goes UNDER the ground!" So I'm patting myself on the back really hard at this point! TG is obviously impressed with my kids b/c he continues to tell them more about the termites and how they are eating my house up. (In my head I'm thinking "Stop eating HOLES in my HOUSE!" but I managed to keep that to myself! LOL). Anyway, TG tells the kids that the termites eat 24 hours a day and never sleep! Austin nods and says "Yeah, they must be nocturnal then!"

Ok, so just for that day anyway... I was the Queen of the Homeschool Moms!! And we had fun while the termite guy was getting rid of the little creatures! :)

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Lucile Lynch said...

What system did he install in your house? You know, despite the fact that termite colonies can get very large, they’re still pretty hard to detect. Professionals usually look for mud tubes, termite droppings, kick-out holes, bubbling or peel damage, but you can do your own inspection any time! Take out a screwdriver and start poking around for hollow sounds. Should you strike hollow, chances are, you might have a problem.

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