Monday, March 14, 2005

Unschooling today!

It's Monday, which is typically my favorite day of the week! But today, I'm just wiped out!

We had a busy weekend! Austin participated in Sparks-a-Rama for his AWANA club, and their team won! He also had baseball practice last week, and Riley started cheerleading! Russ had a gig on Saturday night, but my mom was in town for the Sparks-a-Rama so I wasn't totally alone! She and I took the kids to Moe's Southwest Grill for dinner! YUM YUM!

But this makes now 2 weeks in a row that I haven't had my night out, and you know what? I am just worn out mentally! I know there are lots of moms who never get a night out, but I know that I need mine! I may have to see if Russ can take all 3 kids to cheerleading one night this week so I can get out!

Also, and this is vital: it's almost time for break week again! I can feel it in my bones when we're needing a break from school! That will come soon enough! ;) But for this week we're going to do some unschooling! I asked Riley what would make school fun for her and she replied "Only ever do ART all the time!" Sure, right, no problem! @@ We'll figure something out! I've just got to find something that Riley will enjoy, and that will give Austin a sense of success so he will stop feeling like he is dumb. I don't want either of them at these young ages to already hate school. The plan is out there somewhere! At least I hope it is... I'm not sure I'm up for homeschooling without a plan! OK, so what I am needing is something with some structure and plans for me, that will afford Austin some successes so he doesn't feel inadequate, and that will engage Riley so she's not bored.

Uh huh. Yeah. Not a problem! ::sigh::


gina said...

Brielle loves art everyday ~ here's how i sneak in other stuff. Read 4 poems. Ask Brielle if she wants to draw (of course!) a picture telling me about one of them see it here:
I unschool.there are some other unschooling families on my sidebar, too. Let me know if I should switch where you are listed. :)

Niffercoo said...

LOL Well, Gina for the next 2 weeks you could probably have us in the unschool category! This week we'll be doing lots of prep for Easter Sunday, and next week we're going to just sort of relax and take a 'break week' from any school work at all!

I will let you know after that though! ;)