Monday, March 14, 2005

The one where Jennifer orders SOTW 3 and Adventures with Atoms and Molecules

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good bargain. And they also know that I cannot NOT use a $10 off $65 purchase coupon from when it comes around!

But in the midst of this whole 'what kind of homeschooler am I or do I want to be' drama, the decision of WHAT to buy was a mystery! But this coupon, this FREE money, was going to expire at midnight!! I just couldn't allow it to happen!

So I ordered the next Story of the World book (Volume 3) and the activity guide. I also ordered the Adventures with Atoms and Molecules books (1 and 2). These are the next history and science recommendations from Well-Trained Mind. Now mere hours ago I was lamenting that I don't know what to do for the kids for school. Why, you may ask, did I just spend money to buy books for next year?

I did it because I remembered something. In buying these books, it doesn't mean I'm 'teaching WTM'. It means I'm planning on teaching Austin and Riley something about early modern history and something about elementary Chemistry. Daphne has been using the chemistry books this year and she says they are super! I really do like the SOTW books, even if it seems to go right over my kids heads. I've been planning to use them again next time around anyway so whatever doesn't connect this time will connect next time (perhaps, LOL).

It's funny! I'm not really typing this out to explain everything to anyone, except myself! I keep losing sight of the forest for the trees. I need a plan and some structure, that I know. And I need reminders to myself that I make things work for me and the kids, not the other way around.

I AM going to get all this figured out one day!! Surely I am! Right?


Anonymous said...

I get what you're saying. You're reminding your inner Rabbit that just because you're using *some* of TWTM recommendations, that doesn't mean you're locked into a WTM educational plan. You can pick and choose. You can skip things if you want. You are the MASTER! Mwa-ha-ha! (mad scientist laugh)

I really get it.

For me, I've stopped reading things that have prescriptive plans: A then B than C by Gr 5 so that you can transition to D. I've started reading books about philosophies and goals. I've realised that I can't handle the 'once I'm on the track I MAY NOT deviate from the track' feeling. I may end up using resources or methods that look like WTM or whatever, but that doesn't mean I'm tied to the path.

I want to think in terms of books we want to read and skills we want to have rather than programs. I want to be able to look at my kids and not think, "How do they compare to X?" I want to look at them and think, "Hmm. Are we happy with what we're doing? It it working? Does it match our long-range goals?"


LisaQuing said...

I still think you should have ordered the Matrix 10 disc set!



Niffercoo said...

Sarah, again you've hit the nail on the head! The hardest part for me with the grade stuff is that my oldest is below grade level. Or anything that expects him to be reading a book that is 4-5th grade level in 2nd grade is going to be just frustrating for both of us. And that also makes me feel like a failure b/c he's NOT reading like that. It helps to not be on the message boards! :)

And Lisa, wishful thinking! Now if there was a POTC 10 disc set, that might be worthwhile!