Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Movie Review: The Pacifier

Any hopes for a career as a movie reviewer are just out the window now! It has become abundantly clear that I just cannot be open-minded when reviewing a movie! You'll see why in the next paragraph:

I got to see The Pacifier Sunday evening. This time, I did not attend the movie all by myself! I had the pleasure of being accompanied by quite the handsome fella! He's a younger man, with amazing blue eyes, a sensitive soul, and a love for popcorn! My husband even suggested that I go to the movie with this younger man! OK, OK, it was my boy!!!

This was Bubba's 2nd time to see a 'real' movie (read that as 'non-cartoon') and we just had a blast! I haven't really taken my kids to see many movies, but this one seemed harmless enough! And Bubba is the sort of kid to see bad behavior or attitudes and not want to emulate it! That didn't used to be the case, as he would chase his younger sister around as "Hopper" the bad grasshopper from A Bug's Life! But, he has matured in some ways!

This movie was just delightful! Now, if you're looking for incredible acting, or a deep involved plotline with lots of twists, this probably isn't the movie for you! I recommend you go see Finding Neverland (that just sort of slipped out!). But if you want a fun movie, that's perhaps a bit too full of poopy diaper jokes, you'll really enjoy The Pacifier! Vin Diesel is a fun, fast movie that I really enjoyed taking my nearly 9 year old to see!

I'm not going to be able to detail any cons for you, because I just had too much fun with my son to even notice anything bad about the movie! There wasn't anything that came across to me as "Oh I wish he hadn't seen/heard that!" There were a couple of really tender moments that had me bawling (easy as that is!) and had Bubba claiming that he was rubbing his eyes because he was "real tired, mom!"

As an aside, there was also a scene where Vin Diesel... well, let me just quote the lady behind me at the theater: "That was for the moms in the audience!" ;)

So my career as an unbiased movie reviewer is down the tubes!! I loved this movie because I got some special date time with my boy! Did I mention he has requested to be allowed to keep the popcorn box because it reminds him of how much fun we had?? Oh, who on earth can beat that for wonderful?!

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LisaQuing said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time! My kids loved the preview of The Pacifier when we went to the theatre on Sunday, so maybe we will rent it sometime!