Monday, March 21, 2005

Movie Review: The Incredibles

This is one of those days that I'd like to save forever in my memory banks for those days that things are a real struggle! Our Egg Hunt got drizzle-delayed, so instead we decided to hit the dollar theater for a matinee of The Incredibles! We went with Daphne's family and Jan's family! 10 kids in all from the almost 9 year olds (Michael, Austin, and Christian) down to 15 month old Corrine!

The kids were absolutely excellent! All of the kids sat towards the front of the theater, and the moms with the little ones sat a few rows back! I had warned my kids about the consequences of misbehavior so I was hoping for some good results, but I was surprised beyond my expectations with how well they actually did! Reece sat beside me in her own seat for about half the movie, then came to my lap for almost all of the rest! Austin sat with the boys, and Riley sat with the girls!

The movie itself was delightful! I cringed a couple of times, especially since Daphne and I had just been talking about media influences on children! There was some instances of 'shut up' and 'stupid', but I was relieved to find out after the movie that it didn't bother Daphne! Whew! :) The animation was outstanding! I had to remind myself often that I was watching a cartoon! The scenes on the island were especially beautiful!

I enjoyed the storyline as well! I am sure some of the underlying themes went right over my kids' heads, but I don't think they minded at all! I laughed quite a bit!

As we were leaving, an older couple who were in the movie with us stopped by to make some really positive comments about our children! That is ALWAYS appreciated! Especially by a mama like myself who is hyper-self-conscious about my childrens' behavior in public! I'm used to getting the negative feedback... so the positive was most appreciated!

We had a great time! I'm really looking forward to the free summertime movies at the mall now!! What do you say, Daphne and Jan?? :)

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