Thursday, March 03, 2005

Could it be?

3 years ago right now, at 1 AM, I finally said to Russ, "I think I might be in labor!"

(See why this is so annoying to my husband when I do it each year?!)

At 2 AM, I finally called the midwife who said that it was time to get to the hospital and find out what's going on! It was miserable weather out, so I felt really bad about calling my friend Kristi, especially when I wasn't sure if it was really labor. She was going to come over and sit with the kids, but she had to bring 5 month old Bobby! She arrived at the house at 2:30 AM. We got to the hospital at 3 and got settled into a room and checked around 4 AM!

I'm sure by now you're anxiously wondering how this is going to end, huh? LOL

Reece was born at 7:56AM! The surprise with her birth was that she was born after only 2 pushes! I pushed for so long with my other kids! It's amazing that she's 3 years old now! Well, in a little less than 7 hours!

Stay tuned for pictures and important details of her birthday, for now I am going to sleep!

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