Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Once More, With Feeling

Gracious, it appears I'm going to have to admit to another 'secret' thing on my blog!! Ok, here we go:

My favorite TV show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I miss there not being any new episodes!

There! It's out!!

The reason I bring this up today is that today I had the pleasure of watching one of my all-time favorite Buffy episodes: Once More, With Feeling. This is Buffy, the Musical! It is absolutely amazing, and it's a shame it didn't win any sort of awards! (In case you're interested, it will be playing again tomorrow morning at 7 AM on the FX network!)

Now, as my blog shows, I can ramble on about nearly everything! But I will spare everyone my treatise about how Buffy is not just a 'kiddie bopper' show, and how it isn't just about vampire slaying and violence! It was a really thoughtful show, and also just downright funny at times! I laughed, I cried!

So, now you know! :)


Anonymous said...

I'll come out with you - I adore this show! We completely missed it when it was on the air - just had no clue. About 8 months ago I read a full page article in the national Canadian paper about it, it's combination of silliness and sophistication, etc. Since we only watch DVDs and videos, this sounded perfect for our late night watching.

So in the last 6 months, we've watched them all, in order. We only saw the last episode 4 nights ago. It's absolutely brilliant. Clever escapism. Kick-butt heroine. Varied themes.

Feel better? Yes, there are other mamas who are Buffy fans.

:-) Sarah

Niffercoo said...

Oh my goodness, Sarah!! I'm actually thrilled! And a little jealous that you've watched them all back to back! I need to get the DVDs from Netflix again!

Any favorite episodes?


Anonymous said...

Favorites? Well, Jonathan, Hush, and Once More with Feeling leap to mind.

By the end we had realised we liked it so much that we bought seasons 6 and 7 rather than renting them. Now all we need are the other 5 and we can watch all the shows in order again - this time for analysis. You know. ;-)

PS, if your hit-count goes crazy, it's because I visited and tried to post this comment about 6 times, only to be interuppted each time. Arg.

Niffercoo said...

Hi Sarah! I'm not sure how to find out my hit count anyway, so no worries!

Hush is one of my favorites as well, and the later ones where Angel came back to visit Sunnydale. There were a couple where Buffy also went to see Angel in Los Angeles so you might want to check out the Angel DVDs as well. I didn't care for the Angel series after the first couple of seasons though.

I really loved all of season 3, where they were in their senior year and fighting the mayor. And also season 4, the first year of college was alot of fun! (And my daughter was Riley long before the Riley character was in the show!) Then I love the episode where Giles arrives back in Sunnydale to take on Willow-gone-bad.

It might just be easier to say I just really loved it all! Or maybe easier to talk about the episodes I really don't care for! LOL