Monday, February 21, 2005

Movie Review: Hitch

Right away this is going to be a hard movie to review and be objective about! But, what the heck, it IS my blog! Who says I have to be objective!?

The reason it's hard to be objective: I just LOVE Will Smith! It started way back when he was the "Fresh Prince" which just happened to coincide with my "rap" phase! Then he hit the TV, and finally, the big screen! My husband and I saw Independence Day in the theaters when Austin was just a baby! It continues to be one of our all-time favorites, and has been purchased both on VHS and DVD. (That is an honor reserved for such movies as The Hunt for Red October and Pearl Harbor!). I also really enjoyed both Men In Black movies! I can't say I listened to his music much in the later years though, since my tastes turned first to country music, then to contemporary christian! Also, from what I've seen in the news about him and his wife and their kids, he seems like a good man!

So naturally, as soon as I first saw the previews for Hitch, I knew I'd be there to see it in the theater! It must be doing well, too, because the matinees had been sold out! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get in to see it, in which case I would have seen Constantine! I also want to see The Wedding Date, but Heather and I are going to go see that together!

This movie didn't disappoint me!! It was just as good as it was in the previews! Better really, because there was more than just the jokes! There was a real storyline, and it flowed nicely! It was also not exactly the story that I thought it was going to be! I was impressed!

Cons: Mr. Smith says G-D at one point in the movie. Honestly, it didn't need to be there. There are numerous other words that would have been as effective at that point. Was it in there to assure that the film got the PG-13? I hope not. It was really disturbing to me, and distracted me from a very emotional scene. I also didn't care for the scene between Hitch and his Brother-in-law. It was tasteless, and really didn't apply to the rest of the movie.

Pros: I loved the fact that the Sarah (the female lead) has a real woman's body! She's not rail-thin! It helped to make her character even more endearing! I also LOVED the relationship between Albert and Allegra! Of course, Will was awesome... but in different ways than I expected!

This movie was really fun and enjoyable! It gets 3.75 on the Savvy scale, losing .25 for the use of G-D!

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