Friday, February 04, 2005

It's over! It's done!

No, not something major like destroying the One Ring, thus saving the world from the Dark Lord! But it IS big for me!

Today we finished First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind!!!

This is big to me because it is the FIRST curricula that we have started and finished since we began homeschooling! And it's also pretty cool because I never sold it, only to rebuy it again. I did that with Story of the World, Volume 1 THREE times!!

I really enjoyed using FLL with Austin! He loves memorizing, so this has been a perfect introduction to grammar for him! I'm not exactly sure how much he really can apply from what he learned, but the memory work involved will help when we start a more formal grammar program the week after next (we're having a break week next week!).

So I fondly place FLL on the bookshelf... until the fall, when Riley will be a first grader and start her own journey into the wonderful world of grammar, memory work, narration, copywork, and dictation!

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LisaQuing said...

AWESOME! It's great to find something you like so much!