Monday, January 31, 2005

This sounds like a perfect time for a...

... FIELD TRIP!!! Both today and last Monday were spent with homeschool friends at the Natural History Museum in Atlanta. The museum was offering free admission on select Mondays in January! How very thoughtful of them! I have lived in north GA almost 9 years and have never been to the museum! Normally, it would cost my family $45 just to walk in the door! Ouch! Free is much better! ;)

Last week we went with my friend, Jan, and her children. Today we went with Heather and her children! We also met up with Daphne and her children and mother there! Both times were so much fun! Today had somewhat more excitement as I lost Reece at lunchtime. We had gone to the bottom floor to have lunch, and when I looked up she was nowhere to be found. Heather finally spotted her on the middle floor! Side note: I have now lost all three of my children at some point in their lives! Thank God they have always been safely found within a few minutes! I would love to find the psychologist who did that 'famous' study of young children and found they would never go more than 50 feet from their mothers. I distinctly remember reading about it in college. I would like to strangle him. ;) Or make him take my 3 children out in a crowd somewhere!

Here is a picture from our first museum trip last week! I am going to add some more pictures of the kids in a few minutes! Posted by Hello

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LisaQuing said...

Looks like a fun trip and filled with learning activities too! It is terrifying to not be able to find a child! I am sorry you had to go through that but glad she is safe!