Sunday, January 16, 2005

My first movie review: In Good Company

This was a perfect Sunday afternoon movie! It's one of those movies that you can sit back, enjoy your refreshments, and have a nice time. You don't need a box of Kleenex like at Finding Neverland! You won't jump out of your seat and dump your popcorn like at The Village!

A general reflection: I noticed that I identified more with the older character than the younger character. I don't remember this happening before! I guess I'm growing up and getting settled in to the old married with children life! :)

The bad: the character of Alex (Dennis Quaid's daughter) was just too young for my comfort. For the sake of the storyline, she really needed to be 21 or so. Maybe even 20, but definitely not 18. That was just way too young!

The good: I was so pleased to see that this was not another "mid-life crisis, wish I could go back and change my whole life" sort of movie! It was actually the younger man who was realizing that, while he had everything he wanted, his life wasn't really what he expected it to be. On the other hand, the older man actually loved his family, loved what he did for a living, and just seemed content! It's really about time!!

Overall I have to give this a "3.5" on the Savvy scale!*

*That would be out of 5, with only Pirates of the Caribbean and the Lord of the Rings movies ever getting a 5. National Treasure comes closest with probably a 4.75!


Kim said...

Hi Jennifer! I caught your link at TWTM. I saw this movie advertised the other day, and thought it looked good. I like that other movie with Dennis Quaid, The Day After Tomorrow. Have you seen it?

I love movies, too. I always figured I missed my calling, and that I should have been a movie director. When I read a book, I always imagine how it would look on film, what lighting would be used, what kind of soundtrack there would be.

Welcome to blogging!

Niffercoo said...

Hi Kim! I LOVED The Day After Tomorrow! Although, it made it hard for me to get into my minivan and drive home burning fossil fuels and all! ;)

Have you ever been to the Internet Movie Database website? It's and it's got everything you ever wanted to know about movies! Most of the movies have a trivia/goofs section too! You should check it out if you have time!

Thanks for reading my blog!