Sunday, January 30, 2005

End of January homeschool thoughts

This is our third year of homeschooling! Wow! It's really hard to believe! 3 years ago this week, I was 8 months pregnant, with a 2.75 year old at preschool two days a week, and a 5.5 year old at public school Kindergarten! We had just been through a really rough fall season, between a diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes in the first trimester which prompted scores of testing for me and the baby, compounded by the fears of yet another miscarriage. We were also in the midst of a very bad fit with public school and our son! In December 2001, we finally took him to a developmental pediatrician who tested him, read his medical file and the school records I had taken with me, and voted the same way the school was voting: "Repeat Kindergarten". It honestly didn't bother me a bit! I informed the teacher right before Christmas break that we agreed with the 'recommendation' she had given me back in the third week of school. I wish I could tell you what Princess was up to during this time, but sadly, I don't know. Between the pregnancy and school messes, I cried myself to sleep each night! I totally lost my oldest daughter's third year of life.

Fast forward to 2005:

Bubba is halfway through his 2nd grade year (we did decide to 'hold him back' when we came home after public school Kindergarten, and the difference in social settings has been remarkable), Princess is halfway through her Kindergarten year at home, and Peanut is the one who is fast approaching three years old! (And I can guarantee you that I haven't lost a moment of her third year of life, despite the many times that I wish I could! LOL!) I won't deny that it's been a really rough transition! The support for homeschooling has been less than enthusiastic from my family, except from my wonderful husband, of course! It's such a feeling of pressure! I have curriculum-hopped so many times in this time that I'm surprised we all haven't turned into frogs!! And getting used to having three children home ALL the time, virtually overnight? It's only by the grace of God that I have survived! (Did I mention I'm an only child? LOL)

But, I'm starting to see everything fall into place, and my vision for our homeschool is coming into focus! I can really see us following through with a classical education ala the Well-Trained Mind (sorry Angie and Lisa, do you still love me??). It will definitely be more relaxed than the book calls for, but we will follow the general guidelines, adjusting for each child's strengths and weaknesses! I am finally coming into a place where I am confident about my curriculum decisions, while realizing that the curriculum itself isn't the main determinant of success for our homeschool! I am also understanding what it means to spend more time building relationships that dishing out knowledge! It may sound all too simple to everyone else out there, but for me, this is a major step!

So tonight I am going to bed with a little more confidence than I have in quite awhile! This homeschooling thing? It's going to work out OK, I think!

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gina said...

Thanks so much for the honesty AND the reassurance. Although I am very excited to homeschool I must admit there are times ( like when a friend or relative reacts as if I have three heads when I tell them about my decision) when I allow doubt to creep into my mind and overshadow my excitement. Finding support in the form of blogging has been extremely helpful. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work.