Friday, January 21, 2005

Bible Study

I vowed to myself I would not blog again until I learned how to insert hyperlinks. Unfortunately, if I keep that promise, I'm afraid the next entry may well be celebrating Bubba getting his driver's license, or Princess' homeschool prom! (It could also be celebrating Peanut's potty training since that seems as far off as those other topics!)

Yesterday was the first day back to our Bible Study for this semester! This Bible Study has been the biggest blessing in my life this school year! Last August, right after my best friend moved away and I was in a big black pit of despair, a dear old friend (Not calling you old, Jan! You know what I mean!) called and invited us to Bible Study at her new church! They were going to be offering classes for the homeschooled kids and everything! So we signed up and went! It was so fantastic! The kids learned alot about character traits from the Bible, I got into my Bible reading again, and we got to fellowship each week with Jan and her kids!

This semester, after raving about it for so long, I invited 2 more friends to join us and they came too with their kids! I was surprised to find out they are offering a specific study for the homeschooling moms called "Seasons of a Mother's Heart." I'm pretty sure that's the title. It sounds so wonderful, but I am going to have to stick with the study I signed up for. It's called Believing God by Beth Moore. I have felt a strong calling toward this study for quite awhile and I feel like it's going to be as life-changing as Breaking Free (another Beth Moore study) was. I sure hope they offer that Homeschoolers study again, though!

Bubba's class is going to be studying The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe! Neither of us have read that book before, so I'm looking forward to reading it to him! Princess' class is doing a study about not whining! (PRAISE GOD! lol) Peanut is in the 2s nursery class, and will probably be driving them as nuts as she did last semester. She started screaming "NO!!!" as soon as we pulled into the parking lot! Nice to know there isn't anything wrong with her long term memory, I guess! ;)

That's it for now! We're going to have some rest time, and then maybe venture out to go swimming at the pool with our new pool passes we got for Christmas! (Thanks, Mimi!)

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Let me see if I can remember how to make that a link Here's an easy guideHope that helps! It's actually really easy, I just have to look it up everytime to make sure I've got the order right...

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